We’ll match your price
If you see a product from Better Life that costs less at another authorised retailer, remember our price promise. If it's in stock, we will match the price. Or else, you can receive the difference in gift vouchers.
To show proof of the price, you can present the advertisement, weblink or receipt. Just make sure that the retailer is within the UAE.
How it works?
Before Purchase - In store:
  • Tell us about the retailer who sells the product or show us proof with images or weblinks.
  • Our team will cross-check and validate the price.
  • Once validated, the price of the product will be matched.

After Purchase - In store:
  • Show us proof of the price within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Our team will verify it and pay you the difference.

Terms and conditions

Applicable only if you bring this to our attention either prior to or within 24 hours.

Why Better Life
Official Distributor
Official Distributor
Distributor of 9 global brands: Siemens, Smeg, Zanussi, Vestfrost, Terim, Wolf Power, Hostess, Forbes and Solis.
Long Product Lifespan
Long Product Lifespan
Better Life is home to the best European brands with a long product lifespan.
Price Promise
Price Promise
Best price guaranteed. We will match the price of known retailers. Read more.
Price Promise
Product Demo
We provide product demonstrations that will help you make the best use of your product after installation. Read more.
Deliver & Install
An expert team will deliver the appliances to your home & install it efficiently* *Split AC installation is an additional cost.
Easy Payment Plan
Enjoy 0% payment plan on your purchases. Easy payment plans for big and small purchases. Read more.
Built-in Specialist
Built-in Specialist
We are the market specialist of built-in home appliances.